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Peace of Mind



With years of experience, the owners of Close a Business LLC. has built an extensive portfolio of clients that encompasses restaurants, construction companies, retail companies, rental companies, individuals, and corporations.

With an expert understanding of the dynamics of excess business assets and proven methods to appraise assets and manage projects efficiently and cost-effectively, Close a Business LLC. has been the project liquidating advisor for companies such as Eaton, Sony, Walmart, as well as many, smaller companies.

Our consultants take the difficulty out of asset liquidation projects that include multiple properties, various asset classes, difficult logistics, or the need to quickly turn assets into a cash. Our ability to plan a solution for your business and apply different sales and marketing approaches to your project, enables your business to consider your options and make adjustments to save time, costs, and maintain the value of your assets.

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, relocating, closing, or renovating, with three days to a years notice, Close a Business LLC. can plan a solution to maximize your business assets value and get you the highest net return.